Thank you to all for submitting these comments:

  • "I can't said enough about Dr. Ho and how much he has done for me and my family members. From Spinal Issues, bad knees, shoulders and feet. He has been amazing and blessing to all of us. The relief he gives for pain is absolutely astounding. There is not enough words to describe the benefits of having him in our lives !!"
    Nikki, M.
  • "Highly recommended Dr. Ho! Wonderful experience, very friendly and knowledge about Bell's Palsy. First treatment and I already feel better! Really takes his time to explain the treatment. So grateful I found his listing!"
    Susan, B.
  • "Dr. Ho's treatments of this exact conditions( Baker's cyst and torn Meniscus) is working wonder for me !!!"
    Shirley, P.
  • "Dr. Ho is an excellent doctor. He helped me through pain in my arthritic knees and also a torn Meniscus. He used multiple treatments. Dr. Ho genuinely cares about his patients."
    Larry P.
  • "I have been seeing Dr. Ho for many, many years and he has helped me avoid surgery and keep me on walking. So glad I found him."
    Sheila F.
  • "All 5 Stars for Dr. Ho"
    Johnnie B.
  • "I've been a patient of Dr. Ho for several years now and I suffer from fibromyalgia pain and muscle spasms. He not only treats the pain by calming down the nerves, but also suggest natural supplements to aid in the process. He truly cares about the patients that he treats. For many people, he is an alternative to having surgery. He does also take many type of insurance so come give him a try before thinking about surgery."
    Ivette F.
  • "I had previously been seeing another Dr. for 3 months to heal my torn meniscus in my right knee who charged me thousands of dollars for a bogus program that did nothing to heal my knee. As fate would have it I found Dr. Ho and he immediately got me on track...He has also done some laser cold therapy on my knee area. Prior to beginning treatment he insisted I have an MRI however, something the other Dr. didn't do. The MRI was very inexpensive. I couldn't believe how affordable it was. It confirmed my medial meniscus was torn in my right knee. Right away I knew that Dr. Ho was a caring, knowledgeable Dr. who truly wanted to see me healed and not go broke doing it. The difference between him and the previous Dr. who just wanted to make a lot of money are like night and day. I also believe this previous Dr. actually injured my knee more by doing decompression on it. I was miserable when I went in to see Dr. Ho . I finally have hope again thanks to Dr Ho."
    Chuck C.
  • "Dr. Ho and Carlene are wonderful people who go out of their way to get and keep your body in good shape. He has done wonders for me. I would highly recommend Dr. Ho and his Burleson Laser and Spine."
    Mike G.
  • "Dr. Ho is a very knowledgeable in pain management. His treatments have saved me from having surgery. So caring for his patients."
    Christina T
  • "Dr. Ho has worked a wonder on my cracked knee, I was in sever pain and in 4 weeks I don't even notice it anymore. I highly recommended Dr. Ho"
    Gayle B.
  • "I work in a very physical job and along with carelessness, it has caused me to have pain in different areas of my body. This pain caused me so much stress, to think that I would stay in this state and have to show up to work everyday, and just deal with what I have. Doctor Ho has healed my pain and cares about hurt people more than any chiropractor I have been treated by. He is like how family would care about their own if they were hurt. Anyone suffers from physical pain needs to see him and they will feel what I've experienced. 5 Stars review for Dr. HO"
    Alex N.
  • "Through evaluation and thoughtful treatment. Affordable. His patients love him because he is very effective."
    Evaline W,
  • "I highly recommend Dr. Ho and anyone needing help finding the cause of their pain !!! He's highly educated and tells you exactly what the plan is and how the plan will be implemented. His explanations are stated simply so I can understand them and he doesn't use medical language to impress one. I've found him to be straightforward and hone with me in all my questioning of what's next etc. I can be exasperating and he's been most patience and kind. I truly recommend Dr. Ho for help with your pain !"
    Polly C
  • "I have Degenerative disc issues in my back. I started seeing dr. ho in 2010 and haven't regretted it. with the non-surgical decompression therapy and laser treatments I am able to maintain a normal lifestyle without the need for further surgeries which I had my first discectomy in January of 2002. I will continue to be a patient of Burleson pain and laser institute."
    Robbie P.
  • "Dr. Ho is wonderful and so is his staff. I would recommend him to anyone."
    Carol W."
    Carol W.
  • "My name is Linda. I've have seen Dr. Ho over 16 years. I'm so blessed I was sent to him. I hurt my back in 2000. I was taking pain pills and muscle relaxants like candy. Dr. Ho helped me tremendously to the point where I hardly have to take any pills at all. I drive an hour each way to see Dr. Ho. Its worth the drive !!!"
    Linda V.
  • "Dr. Ho is a caring and compassionate doctor. He will search every avenue of possible treatment until he finds the perfect combination to alleviate your pain issues."
    Zee F.

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